Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Creative Outlet...

So, don't get me wrong, I don't think that I am in any way, shape or form some sort of extraordinary writer. I just think that there are some things that don't require an entire video to be shot, reshot, uploaded and commented on. Plus I can do this in my undies :).

I've been doing a lot of research lately, about how to keep good mental health in times of heightened stress and writing my thoughts and ideas in some way was a suggestion. So I figured I might as well share my thoughts and ideas with you guys. This way you can know how crazy I actually am, while I'm trying to relieve some stress. Two birds, one stone... you know the saying.

One thing that I would always discount and right-off was astrology. However as of late, I've become more and more curious as to what it actually was, if it was right, how they determined the claims that they made, etc. I decided that the easiest way to verify whether or not it was at all credible was to have an astrological report made for me. I had a bit of extra money from my summer job left over (yes, I actually paid for this), so I did it.

Imagine my surprise, when it had me down to an effing T. I couldn't believe it. It was right about everything. My horrible diet, my knee problems, my lack of fiscal responsibility, and even exceptionally small, hairless, flat feet. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. I told these people where I was born and what time and they knew more about me than I did. I could not believe my eyes. Twenty-four pages of who I am, who I get along with, relationship issues with different signs (that was the scariest, with how right it was), health problems I will face, and forecasting as to how my life is going to go. With how spot on the rest was I can't discount the forecasting but we shall see... All I can say is that I am now a firm believer in Astrology. It's amazing.

Got to go to class!


JP said...

I would have to say that when it comes to matters of astrology, I would be incredibly skeptical on the issue. I often here that the reports they do are just phrased in such away that they can be applied to almost everyone, that everyone can find personal meaning to it, thus it would fit everyones "mold". But if they made true claims on acute physical aspects of you, I guess I would give them some credibility. Still...not enough to put money on it =D. I am more of a phi person.
Philosophy + me = 18yr old who thinks too much lol

Paulo L. said...

Hey there. So, there's this youtube astrology channel that i regularly watch,
It gives a daily update on each sign, and it's pretty accurate, when it comes to my zodiac sign at least :p. So, check it out.

Me said...

Where did you get your report from? Sounds pretty cool...long as it's cheap I'd try it :)

mko7187 said...

Haha. Just one tiny comment about this post in relation to the grammar part of one from Thursday April 16. I think you meant to say "write-off" instead of "right-off". I'm sure you were just in a hurry as you had to get to class but I just thought it was a little funny. Happens to the best of us :)

But don't worry -- I still enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos.