Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I NEED a break...

and this calms me down :).

I honestly thought I posted my last blog yesterday. I guess when you sit in the same chair from 7 a.m. until now, you start to lose track of time haha.

I don't think many people realize how much easier it is to study and access information. I just started thinking about what my parents would be doing to study right now. They didn't have computers, they didn't have cell phones, everything they had came out of a book. HOW ANNOYING! I'm so glad that I can access a back test, and then 5 seconds later have moved on to a homework I had finished previously in the semester and then onto the notes that were given in that class on that homework, without ever having my fingers leave my keyboard/trackpad.

It makes things so much faster and so much easier. Since learning has become so much easier to do, I feel like the subject material is taught at a faster pace, with more depth. At the end of my freshmen year, I had already taken math classes through Calculus 3. Keep in mind that Calc 3 may not have even existed back then, I am not sure. I know that my parents both went to college, and never took it though. Technically, after my final tomorrow, assuming I pass all of my classes, I have the math and engineering skills to monitor a small chemical plant. There are other people in my school, who already have patents for new medical devices they created in their biomedical engineering project design classes, before they have even graduated.

I think that is astonishing. The other fact that I find astonishing is the fact that, this level of education is almost taken for granted nowadays. My advisor told me the other day that I may not be competitive enough with only an undergraduate degree in ChemBE and should consider a masters program or pursuing a business degree. After hundreds of credit hours at a University like Johns Hopkins, I still may not be competitive enough? Hm.

I just think that is a little ridiculous. How educated do these employers want us to be? If this trend continues, is grad school going to be the new undergrad for the upcoming generation? That would be so much schooling, minimum five years, not to mention tuition is constantly going up. Hopkins has already broken $51,000 a year. I don't know what to think. I'm already gonna have $200,000 dollars to pay off, which could take quite some time (possibly decades, depending on my income). How am I going to afford paying that off and then sending my children to school, while living some sort of comfortable lifestyle? Is anyone even thinking about these things, or am I just crazy?

A large majority of our parents didn't go to school, so they don't have loans to pay off. Even if they did, they are but a small fraction of what college costs today. I'm just worried I guess. It doesn't seem like things are going to start to take a downward trend anytime soon.

Back to the books, I'm sure I'll be posting tomorrow due to the forecasted amazing mood I should be in. Talk to you guys then... and wish me luck! :)

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