Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things that make me happy...

1. I am done with finals tomorrow.
2. I am getting my first apartment on thursday.
3. My brother is graduating from high school (yeah, I'm old).
4. My other brother is graduating from college (but not too old).
5. My Mom is coming to visit me soon :)
6. My allergies are going away! Goodbye Spring!
7. Doing laundry.
8. I get to see Kyle in a week.
9. My laptop.
10. Taking showers.
11. Nacho Mama's Macho Nachos + chicken - jalapeños = heaven
12. Coldstone, obvi.
13. Using abbrevs. in jest - obvi, ridic, abbrevs... etc.
14. Water, and lots of it.
15. Thunderstorms.
16. Surprises - canceled class, off from work, homework extensions... these are some sad surprises haha.
17. Politeness (huge bonus points).
18. My friends... (these are not in any specific order, my friends are more important than water and doing laundry).
19. Going to bed before my parents, because I can (which doesn't happen often).
20. My cyber extracurriculars (this, youtube, twitter).
21. Bubblespinner!!!!
22. Having a good hair day.
23. A good book.
24. Thinking of things to do with the free time I will have due to the absence of thermo problem sets.
25. Cuddling/Spooning... even though I hate the actual words themselves.
26. Dancing like no one is watching... which is never the case lol.
27. My parents and everything they've done for me.
28. Watching baby videos now, and realizing how gay I actually was haha.
29. Becoming partially self sufficient (my parents don't let me have a job during the school year).
30. Being outside for the fifteen minutes right before it starts raining.
31. Having outdoor swim practices in the rain.
32. Knowing I will never have to jump into an outdoor 68ºF pool at 5:45 A.M. ever again.
33. Being overly and unnecessarily organized.
34. Having my weekend planned out on Monday.
35. Playing tennis with my younger brother.
36. Guys who don't play games, and aren't scared to tell you that they miss you.
37. Learning to be a little less serious, and have a little more fun (It has been a struggle haha).
38. Taryn... She's my bestie :D
39. Singing in my car, and only in my car... the world does not need to witness such atrocities.
40. Proper language, grammar, and vocabulary as a whole... having a decent vocabulary and knowing how to use it, without sounding like the people who have their "word of the day" calenders.

(What would be 41. Ending things on even numbers, times, amount of laps etc.)

Well this is obviously not all of them, but I am in a good mood today so I figured this was a somewhat appropriate topic to blog about. I hope everyone has a good day :)

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