Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KYLE COMES TOMORROW! I am extraordinarily excited to see him. The end of my semester went well, I'm in my new apartment (and it's finally all together), and now, he's coming. Things are just getting better and better lol. This just doesn't bode well for the rest of the summer, because things can't continue this positive of a trend for long. No reason to think about that now though.

If you looked at the time of this entry you will see that I wrote it around 7 A.M. That is because I am an old man, and went to bed at 8:15 last night, haha. I did this completely accidentally. I was planning on just taking a nap until like midnight and then going out, but I completely slept through my alarm and the 5 missed calls I had when I woke up. Oops, but I guess I needed the sleep.

So like I said earlier, my semester ended on a pretty high note. I ended up getting an A+ on my thermo final, which bumped me up to an A in the class. That was really exciting, and completely unexpected almost. I had expected to have done well on my final, but not that well by any means. I thought that since I hadn't gotten into this school solely on academic merits alone (I was recruited for swimming), that I was in some way intellectually inferior to my class-mates. This however, proved otherwise. I think that is more exciting a revelation than seeing the A on my transcript. I'm really excited for next semester to start!

I have a busy day today guys. I have to go look for my jobs, get a haircut, and clean a few things around my apartment, while juggling my social "obligations"(hehe). Good thing I'm getting such an early start!

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