Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I go for my second job interview today... EXCITING. One of my really really really good friends is leaving her job there and I'm pretty much taking her spot, a passing of the torch so to speak. That is the only reason why I am applying for this job actually. She pretty much made this job a lock for me, unless I come across as some anti-social fool that my major probably makes me out to be.

So that's soon, like ten minutes soon, but I figured I'd write you guys anyway. I don't have anything to do until then anyway.

Earlier this morning there was a free skin cancer screening down at the JHU medical campus. I don't know about you, but any free service I can get from a Johns Hopkins medical physician is worth it to me. So I went, assuming they were going to tell me I'm all clear. This was not the case. Now they didn't find any melanoma, but they pretty much scared me from leaving my apartment. There was a spot on my back that they weren't too sure about and they want me to come back in to get it checked out. SCARY! I'm italian and I have no family history of skin cancer. This was not supposed to happen. Now I'm going to be a nervous wreck in my interview and it will have nothing to do with my interview, just the imminent deterioration of my epidermis. Obviously I'm being over dramatic. I don't think I have skin cancer, but its still annoying that I didn't just get the "all clear" like my three other friends did :(.

One other thing. I am starting to find out that I am pretty good at cooking. I've only made myself dinner a total of ten times at this point, but I seem to be pretty good at not burning things and following instructions. Which I know not everyone can do since I live with 3 culinarily inept roommates last year. The suite smelled like burnt something more often than not. I am kind of excited about this though and I want to start making some more difficult things that will also be more fun to eat.

Ok, seriously, last thing. It is amazing how much easier it is to restrict your diet to certain foods when you:
A.) don't have that much money.
B.) don't want to lose a free parking spot.
C.) aren't on a meal plan.
It's so much better, and I never have to leave my apartment solely for food! Ok, well I really really need to go haha, I'm going to be late for my interview.

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