Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Happy :)

There are so many good things happening to me right now that I almost can't handle it. Haha I'm waiting for the universe to auto-correct and throw some bad luck my way, hopefully not too soon. But yeah, like I said, I'm having an awesome time right now!

I start my first day of real training tomorrow and in a week I will have started my real job, with tips and everything. I will be mildly self sufficient and paying for things a college student with a waiting and a retail job should be paying for. So that is always exciting. I'm getting kinda tired of constantly hitting my parents up for money even though they always tell me that this is the time of my life that I should be ok with mooching off of them. Which makes sense, but it still bothers me.

MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT SOON. My mom is a teacher and she is finally getting done with her kids at school, so she will be coming to see meeeeeeee!!!!!! I am so excited I could explode. My mother and I have gotten so ridiculously close in recent months, I fell in love with her all over again (not that I didn't love her to death before). We are just going to have so much fun and I will actually be able to talk to her because I don't have to worry about my dad feeling "uncomfortable with what he's hearing" (...tool). Yay for mommy visits!!!

The other thing is that I am going home this weekend, its my dad's birthday and my little brother is graduating high school. Since I can't be home for either of the actual days due to training, I am going home for the weekend in between to quasi-celebrate both. That should be fun, especially since I'm sure all of my friends at home have heard that I'm gay from the people that I have told (no more hiding, and no more elephants). I don't know if anyone will actually get that last reference, like the whole "elephant in the room" being whether or not I know I'm gay sort of thing. Yeah, nuff said.

I will get to play tennis with my brother hopefully. I played today and jesus christ I am out of shape. That's what you get going from 24 hours a week of intense cardio/lifting/stretching to... nothing haha. Yeah haha, so it might be more like a half hour of tennis, and then him getting tired of me being tired and calling his actual hitting partner.

On top of all these things, I'm finally feeling better about my other friends leaving, and everything is going to be ok. I have been reconnecting with other friends that I've had at school and its just been good. Now I'm gonna go home and reconnect with my home friends. Ugh, just so many positive things. One negative though, I forgot to wash my uniform for work, so I have to do it now and its kind of late and I'm tired. That's all I have to complain about right now.

My friend Jackie came over tonight, I made the both of us dinner and talked and watched the sunset. It was really nice. It sounds like a really nice date now that I think about it. I mean barring the fact that I'm not attracted to her in the slightest. It was really fun though, we haven't hung out like that in a while.

Yay for a good day, now I'm gonna go finish my laundry and have a good night. Night!

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