Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love, from my perspective.

I have come to realize that very very few people actually achieve true love. To me, love is like perfection. It is something that you strive for in such a way that you are going to achieve it, but you never really do. To me, it seems near impossible. However, you will strive and strive, and eventually find your "true love". I think that most peoples true love, is the love they feel is the best they will be able to find. A lot of times this tends to be the case, and couples stay together and raise families. They don't ever come across another individual that they love more than their significant other.

How often, though, do you hear of adultery, divorce, and even loveless marraige? These things all occur because the couple miscalculated how they felt. They thought they were in love, and thought that they had found it, but actually didn't. Is it really that wrong to try and correct your mistakes? Should you stop looking for your true love if you have already committed to another? I don't think so, personally. You are always looking for it, trying to seek it out. I think finding that love is the most important thing in anyones life. There shouldn't be anyone, or anything that should stop you from doing so.

Love is the ultimate. I feel that finding your best love, will lead to a very happy life without exception. I think a lot of people will vouch for that. I have not found my love yet though. I know I am still quite young, and still don't know very much about love or relationships or life in general for that matter, but I still want to find it as soon as possible. Who wouldn't?

Unfortunately, I am not entitled to anything. I am glad that I have somehow realized how little credit I was giving "love" recently. I was discounting it and treating it like my college education; just something I have to work towards for a few years and then one day its going to happen. It's so much more than that though. Think about the odds, just seriously consider them for one second. You should be awestruck at this point. The prospect of finding someone in the billions of people that inhabit this country alone is a ridiculous thought. Mind you, that large mass is broken up into smaller divisions based on gender, sexuality, and whatever other prerequisites you have when considering someone for love, but even then they are still staggering odds.

I am single, but not because there's something wrong with me, just because I haven't found it yet. I need to remember that. When I see all these happy couples, I sometimes lose that logic and think it has something to do with me and only me. I can't be the entire reason why I haven't found my love yet, there are so many other determining factors. I have hope though, and I'm working on my patience :). Right now, I think that's the best I can do. I'd like to think love will find me, that would be nice.

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