Monday, June 1, 2009

So I got a job today. It wasn't the job I was hoping for, but you can't expect to get anything that pays too well if you can only work for the next three months, ugh. It is a job though, a job that I know how to do all too well and pays OK for a retail position. Hopefully, my second job will come through! If it does I will be making pretty good money and will most definitely be able to do some things that I am planning on doing this summer.

In other news... there really isn't any lol. The following list of things is what has been consuming my life since I finished finals: Cleaning and unpacking my apartment (which I'm still not done with), going to the grocery store, finding jobs, sleeping, eating, the occasional night out, and playing bubble spinner. That is my life right now, when I have some sort of expendable income it should start to become a bit more interesting. Especially since it is kind of hard to meet people when you live in an apartment by yourself haha. That will change soon though!

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