Friday, June 5, 2009

So there has been a lot of speculation going on in my hometown, for a variety of reasons. The only thing keeping me from telling my friends, was my family. I decided that I think this is a situation where I can be a little selfish, because it was really bothering me that I couldn't tell my close friends. It was even worse because everyone was talking about it, AND I knew they were talking about it.

I ended up telling a bunch of my guy friends today, and most of the girls already know. I just told the girls that if people ask they can tell them. The guys all took it well for the most part, aside from the usual "as long as you don't try anything with me" line since I obviously have to flirt with every guy I see lol.

One thing I wasn't expecting, though, was the relief I'm feeling right now. I thought that was over, but I guess this was a bigger deal than I was letting myself believe. I feel a lot better than I did before they knew. I'm glad :). I mean most of them said that they pretty much knew, especially after the past year (curse you facebook stalking). But yeah, it's crazy. I'm happy. I feel better. I just hope that my parents don't find out that I told them. Even though, nothing bad happened they will still be angry on a matter of "principle" (since I went against their wishes). Haha, whatever, it's worth whatever shit I get from the parental units.

I wonder how fast it's going to spread now that I have admitted to what they all thought... I'm guessing like wildfire lol. I hope so, less work for me :D.

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