Thursday, July 16, 2009


Have you ever just taken a second to look at the people around you? I do, a lot. I can't help but wonder how they got there. How did they get to that exact point in time, that they are standing right there for me to walk by them? Most people, most normal people, ignore these sentiments all together. I find myself not paying attention at all and simply thinking about where they may have been.

On the other hand is it really all that miraculous. If one small detail of their life before this moment had changed would it make a difference, or would they still be there, just a little different?

To be honest I find the prior much more interesting than the latter. The thought of there being one extraordinarily specific chain of events that spanned decades that led them to this exact spot is astonishing to say the least. At least in my eyes.

I kind of had one of these experiences myself you know. My junior year of high school, I was over my friends house after school. I happened to leave my sweatshirt there. I went to pick it up the next day and when I retrieved it, my friend's mom who happened to be my swim coach remembered that she had a letter for me that she had forgotten about until that day. It was a recruiting letter from hopkins. I got the letter only days before early decision applications were due. Had I simply remembered to grab my sweatshirt from his couch, I probably wouldn't be here typing this right now. I remember that day, it still gives me goosebumps because it is such a good example of how things happen. The chain reaction of events catalyzed by a misplaced sweatshirt.

Well that's just what I'm thinking about, but I have work tomorrow and I need to sleep. Goodnight.

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