Thursday, October 8, 2009

oh hayyy

So since NY my life has been extraordinarily busy. I'm getting schedule 5 or 6 shifts a week at Chang's at 6 hours per shifts, so... ummm... I'm practically working FULL TIME. I'm just like WTF Chang's?! Really?! I am a full time student. I have barely been sleeping, but I need the money. I somehow was able to go to DC this past weekend. It was so much fun, but I was just exhausted and was ready to go home by 2 A.M. Talk about a buzz kill.

This has honestly been my life since last Thursday til the end of my weekend (I love complaining, esp when I have a reason to):

Thursday: Class 9 to 1030, libs until 130, class 130 to 230, libs until 4, back to the apt to get ready for work, work 5 to 1230, libs 1 to 3.

Friday: Class 840 to 10, libs 10 to 11, class 11 to 1, libs 1 to 430, work 5 to 12, sleep.

Saturday: libs 8 to 10, work 1030 to 330, get to DC by 430 out until 4

Sunday: wake up at 10 get ready to check out of room, back to baltimore by 230, work in the apt until 330, work 4 to 11, finish lab and go to bed by 1 exhausted. I might need to quit my job. I can't keep doing this lol. At some point its not gonna be worth the money.

Somehow I'm doing well in all my classes and working hard to stay on top of my work. Which I am happy about. I get to go to NY again next weekend to go to the NYU med school annual formal :D. Back to work, ttys.

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