Monday, February 15, 2010

A few things...

So in one of my classes I am actually forced to write in a blog, which makes this a little hard to do becasue the other one is about boring nonsense like public health policy lol.  I don't really know why I'm telling you, just saying.

So I'm back on twitter as well.  I deleted it initially due to too many naked women and creepers following me, but bad always comes with the good.  My friends have been beotching at me about it as well because it makes it a lot easier to stay in touch and communicate in-the-moment ridiculous thoughts that were at one time impossible to do so when two of them moved to New York.  I missed it too.

Other than that I have just been hanging out because we had BACK TO BACK FUCKING BLIZZARDS!  Let me just say this... I hate snow.  Now, I'll say this... I loathe three feet of snow.  Baltimore shut down.  It was the most snow baltimore has ever gotten in that short of a time period.  NO cars were on the road, people were walking around like it was December 2012 (yes, I believe it could happen).  It took me 4 hours to dig my car out, once the roads were barely drivable, and then cost me 50 dollars to keep it in a garage until the next snow storm passed.  Mind you I'm doing all this trekking in the snow in a pair of Diesel sneakers (my most snow-ready shoes that I own... I brought it up to my mom, she doesn't care lol).  Somehow I made it downtown every night of the week, and had my fill of alcohol.  I was in vacation mode hardcore.

On another note, my birthday is coming up in a month.  Not just any birthday, my 21st birthday!!!!!!! I am very excited.  Since my birthday falls on spring break.  I will be celebrating it 3 different times.  The first true birthday night with my gays here in baltimore.  Then, when I get home with all my home friends and then one more time in baltimore with all of my other friends that were home for spring break the first time I went out for it.  I'm just glad I won't be going to bars illegally anymore lol.  It will make my life and my friends lives much less stressful.

I'm gonna try and make a video soon, but who knows... talk to you guys laterrrrrrrrrr

p.s. my twitter name is johncoiaaa
p.p.s. yes with 3 a's, I've used the other variations of my name like johncoia and johndcoia while making and deleting accounts lol.

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