Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm in a particularly pissy mood today.  Last night, I had some fucking skank try and make me look like a fool in front of my friends.  This is something I generally don't appreciate.  I've been dating Jamie for a while now, and this bitch was running his mouth about how I've abandoned my friends.

I'll preface this with a few things.  I can be mean, catty, bitchy, sensitive, prissy, and whatever other negative things you can come up with to call me.  I accept that, everyone has their negative qualities.  Say what you want.  I refuse to be accused of being or doing something that I am not or did not do.  I also hold my friends, especially the ones that were there, near and dear to my heart.  They helped me come out, and have been there ever since.  I am forever grateful to them for helping me through such a difficult time in my life.

It is people, like this sad shell of a human being, that piss me off to no end.  This type of person starts trouble and pits people against each other because they are disgusting, rotten human beings.  I'm sorry if you have such a shitty life, but the only reason it sucks is because you aren't doing anything to change it. I promise you can.  I did it, other people have done it.  Suck it up and try to be a decent human being and you will be.

This what I have to say to the people who share this opinion of people who are trying to have a happy, healthy relationship:  get over it.  Life is one huge continuous change and until you realize this you are going to be unhappy and unable to handle the inevitable change.  I've lost friends to relationships, but to me that means that we just weren't good enough friends.  I'm not gonna talk shit on them, I'm not gonna accost them and try and make them feel bad about what they are doing.  It's sophomoric and idiotic.  They are just trying to be happy, and if I was their friend I should be able to understand and accept that.

If I've never called you/texted you/"anything"-ed you before, why the hell would I start now.  Get over yourself, you just aren't a part of my life that I care to keep, for obvious reasons.  I'm keeping the friends that are important to me.  If you aren't that person, I'm sorry.  It's not you it's me... no, it's you.